Course lecturer :

  • Prof. Dr. Magdy Bedawy
  • Dr. Hadir Mahmoud EL Kady

Course assistant :

  • Youmna Magdy Ahmed
  • Omnia Ali
  • Maram Moustafa
  • Bassant Safaa
  • Nadia Fouad
  • Demonstrators: Nourhan Gaber – Asmaa Saad

Course objectives :

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to define and discuss the elements of lab organizing & planning, staff hiring and selection, leadership in lab, teamwork development, communication, management of lab conflict and problem solving.

Course description :

Bring solutions to the lab in different health care organizations, where they work, in order to deal with problems of lab organization, lab planning, lab staffing, team work development and management of conflicts.

Course assessment :

Mid- Term Exam 15% , Assignment 3%, Interactive Learning 7 %, Final Practical Exam 25%, Final Written Exam 50%———————————————————————- 100%

Recommended text books :

Griffen D. Hospitals: What they are and how they work. 3rd Edition, Jones and Barlett publishers; Boston 2006

Recommended refrences :

Lynne S. Garcia. Clinical Laboratory Management. 2nd Edition 2012 M. Harmening. Laboratory Management: Principles and Processes Denise. 2nd ed.2008