MGME-101 – Ethical and Legal Issues in Health

Course lecturer :

Naglaa Mohamed esmail

Course assistant :

Demo. Sara Akal

Course objectives :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to 1- 1-Apply the rules of medical ethics in Laboratories. 2- 2-Stimulate the students to conserve medical ethics role. 3- 3-Emphasize aspects which protect dignity and privacy of the human being

Course description :

The course is geared towards interpretation of professional code of ethics and laws related to political and social right of human beings. The role of professional organization and characteristics of the professional health care provider are considered. Emphasis is placed on developing the ability of the health care provider to recognize and apply relevant legal concepts to insure his/her legal safety while providing optimal patient care based on human need

Course assessment :

Assessment form % Assignment 3 % Research and interactive learning 7 % Midterm 15 % Written 75 %

Recommended text books :

Erich H. Loewy. Textbook of Medical Ethics. 2014

Recommended refrences :

Ali, J., & Ali. (2012). Medical ethics. In M. Shally-Jenson (Ed.), Encyclopedia of contemporary American social issues. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO. Retrieved from