MFRM301 – Research methods

Course lecturer :

Dr.Sally Salah

Course assistant :

Course objectives :

This course reviews the major considerations and tasks involved in conducting research particularly as they pertain to the area of nutrition. This course introduces the essential aspects of proposing, designing, supporting, conducting and reporting on research projects.

Course description :

The course introduces the undergraduate student to the research process and ethical issues related to research. The student will acquire skills necessary to read, interpret, evaluate and critically analyze research studies. The course enables the student to understand the integrated process of designing and conducting a health research. Emphasis is placed on clinical researches in the field of nutrition

Course assessment :

Mid-term exam and assignment 18
Interactive learning 3
field project 4
Final written exam 75

Recommended text books :

1. Michael P. Marder. RESEARCH METHODS FOR SCIENCE. Cambridge University Press. 2011
2. The nature of qualitative research, Chapter 2 Qualitative Research Methods (Hennink, Hutter, and Bailey)
3. Mahan, L.K. and Raymond, J. L, Editors. 2017. Krause\’s food & the nutrition care process. 14th Edition. Publisher: Elsevier. Canada.

Recommended refrences :

1. Pilnick, A and Swift, JA. Qualitative research in nutrition and dietetics: assessing quality.
2. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics. 2011: 24(3): 209-214
3. to qualitative research for food and nutrition professionals. J AM Diet Assoc. 2009; 109(1): 80-90
4. Walliman N. Research Methods: The Basics. Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2011.