MFMI 101 - Medical Informatics

Course lecturer :

  • Dr Maha Naga

Course assistant :

  • N/A

Course objectives :

Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: List sources of Data Describe computer information systems used in health care settings. List principles of public health informatics List Code of professional ethics Differentiate between data, information and knowledge. Differentiate between (EMR) , (EHR) and (PHR) Compare between public health informatics and medical informatics

Course description :

the course is designed to give the students needed knowledge to solve work/practice challenges using existing features of desktop computers

Course assessment :

Interactive learning and assignment ——10 Mid-Term ————————————— 15 Final exam (Written) ————————- 75 Total ——————————————– 100

Recommended text books :

R.E. Hoyt. Medical informatics Practical Guide for the Healthcare Professional .3rd ed. 2009

Recommended refrences :

J.H.van bemmel , M.A.Muen . handbook of medical informatics . Houten/Diegem 1997.