MFMD201- Meal and Diet Planning

Course lecturer :

Associated Proessor. Hanan M. L. El Gamal

Course assistant :

assistant Lecturer/ Mai Abdelallah
demonstrator/ Nehad Khalid

Course objectives :

On completion of this Course, students should:
1. Differentiate among various types of meal patterns;
2. Plan nutritionally balanced meals using a variety of foods, including convenience foods;
3. Explain why excessive consumption of some nutrients can be dangerous;
4. Describe the chief nutrients provided by each category of the six food groups;
5. Justify criteria for planning meals with food appeal and palatability;
6. Plan meals to satisfy different dietary requirements for persons at different stages of the life cycle;
7. Assess the role of nutrition information in food labeling;

Course description :

This course focuses on the planning of a nutritional sound meal in such a way to fulfill all the nutritional needs of the individual in view of his physiological and nutritional status. It also includes meal planning for population groups. The course includes practical training in diet planning.

Course assessment :

Research project and interactive learning: 7%
Mid Term : 15%
Final exam (Practical) 25%
Final exam (Written): 50%

Recommended text books :

Mahan, L.K. and Raymond, J. L. 2017. Krause\\’s food & the nutrition care process. 14th Edition. Publisher: Elsevier. Canada.

Recommended refrences :

Rekha, S.Diet Management. Elsevier,4th edition,2011. Corroll, L. and Karen, P. Nutrition and Diet Therapy. Japee,14teen edition Caribbean Food and Nutrition Institute (CFNI) Jamaica: Meal Planning for Persons with Diabetes CFNI, 1994. Whitney, E., Hamilton, E. and Rolfes, S. 2013. Understanding Nutrition, St. Paul, MN: 10th Edition. West Publishing Company.