MEDP-401/MEDP-201 Fault Detection and Preventive Maintenance

Course lecturer :

Dr.Mohamed Isamail Badawi

Course assistant :

L.A: Abd El-Rahman Gamal
L.A: Nehal Mabrouk
L.A: Omnia Mahmoud

Course objectives :

At the end of the course, the students will be able to; 1-How to evaluate of instrumental function. 2 Knowing the Principles of preventive maintenance.

Course description :

It provides an introduction to : Causes of errors, types of errors, evaluation of instrumental function. Principles of preventive maintenance. Protocol of preventive maintenance.

Course assessment :

Mid-Term : 15
Assignment & Activities : 10
Final exam (Practical) : 25
Final exam (Written) : 50
Total : 100

Recommended text books :

Basic electronic troubleshooting for biomedical technicians , Cram, Nicholas. Texas State Technical College Waco,2nd Edition 2017

Recommended refrences :

.H.Chiang and E.L.Russell. Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Industrial Systems. 4thEdition. 2018