BPH 111 – biophysics

Course lecturer :

prof dr nabiel el nashar, dr. mervat moustafa

Course assistant :

shrouk allam,abdel rahman samir.,abdalla yousree,radwa,nada shereen

Course objectives :

the physical phenomena (mechanical, electrical optical…) . the applications of these phenomena in different systems in the human body. . x-rays and the protection against radiation . the process of nerve conduction . the mechanics of non-viscus fluids . the elastic properties of materials . the cohesive forces in liquid

Course description :

At the end of course the student will have a good knowledge concerning the physics of the body such as body mechanics, flow mechanics, bioelectricity, and optical systems imaging of the human tissues, production of radioisotopes, and protection against radiation and demonstrating experiments to enhance the student\’s understanding of the subject.

Course assessment :

x rays,types of radiation,fluids ,.electricity .nerve conduction

Recommended text books :

• Glaser, Roland (2009-11-23). Biophysics: An Introduction (Corrected ed.). Springer; 2011. ISBN 3-540-67088-2. • Dillon PF. Biophysics: A Physiological Approach; 2012 • Journal of Biophysics— An Open Access Journal – Hindawi

Recommended refrences :

Serway RA, Jewett JW. Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics. 7thed, Thomson;.2008 ,internet,physics in biology,introduction to biophysics