MGRP-101 – Radiological Science & Medical Imaging

Course lecturer :

Bothaina kandil

Course assistant :

A.L. Magdy Aly Demo. Hanan Zayed

Course objectives :

1-The objective of this course is to review current PET/CT technology and the radiation protection issues arising from its use. 2-Associated radiation dose implications for both patients and staff will be discussed and guidelines offered on dose management and optimization

Course description :

Radiation protection is the science of protecting people and the environment from the harmful effects of ionizing radiation, which includes both particle radiation and high energy electromagnetic radiation. Ionizing radiation is widely used in industry and medicine, but presents a significant health hazard. It causes microscopic damage to living tissue, resulting in skin burns and radiation sickness at high exposures and statistically elevated risks of cancer, tumors and genetic damage at low exposures.

Course assessment :

Mid-term exam 15 Practical exam 25 Interactive learning 7 Assignment 3 Final written exam 50 Total 100

Recommended text books :

Radiation Protection & Dosimetery. An Introduction to Health Physics. Michael G. Stabin. Springer Science. 2007.

Recommended refrences :