Admission Is Open for New Military Education Courses

Pursuant to the resolutions passed by the Supreme Council of Universities and the Military and Popular Defence Forces in regard to the military education courses to be held in summer 2019, it has been agreed upon the following:
1. The students who graduate in July or September 2019 SHOULD attend the first military education course to be held from 15/6/2019 to 27/6/2019.
2. Students of all PUA faculties are NOT eligible to register for the courses of their academic final year before successfully completing the military education course. Accordingly, junior students are OBLIGED to attend one of the following military education courses:
• The second course is held from 29/6/2019 to 11/7/2019.
• The third course is held from 13/7/2019 to 25/7/2019.
• The fourth course is held from 27/7/2019 to 8/8/2019.
Registration and Payment Procedures:
• Heading to room D007 at the faculty of Languages and Translation to receive the course slip.
• Payment is made at CIB prior to 20 April, 2019.
• The student should then submit their deposit slip and the bank-stamped payment slip to the Conscription and Military Education Office at the Administration Building.
• Excuses and delays are not allowed. Registration is made on a first-come, first-served basis.
• Courses are held in the campus of Pharos University.