The faculty of Engineering- Pharos University was honoured to host Prof. Osama Ismail, the Regional Director of the Programming Contests in the Middle East to give an orientation session of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contests. This took place on Tuesday 10/10/2017. Prof. Osama Ismail apprised the attendance of the rules and regulations of the International Collegiate Programming Contests and how to take part in them. The faculty students were also informed during the session about how they could be trained to take part in the regional and international programming contests and how to get qualified for the international programming contests. Prof. Osama Ismail also raised some problems of programming and tried to put forward some suggestions for how they could be tackled. The faculty of Engineering was also pleased to host Eng. Islam Wageed to speak about the Robotics Egyptian competition and encourage the faculty students to participate in the Egyptian competitions as well. Eng. Islam Wageed also displayed some photos of the Robotics international competition and how the faculty students can take part in.