A Visit to Alexandria Company for Processing Seeds and Its Derivatives

The faculty of Allied Medical Sciences arranged a visit to Alexandria Company for Processing Seeds and Its Derivatives on Monday, 25 December, 2018. The aim of the visit was to orient the second-year students of the latest technology of seeds extraction and processing in Egypt. The faculty’s delegation was received by some of the company’s representatives who escorted them in a tour around the different departments of the company’s factory. The group firstly headed towards the manufacturing hall to be acquainted with the production stages of the factory’s different manufactured items like the seeds grinding stage that starts by receiving the raw materials (seeds), then come the turns of the processes of cleaning, grinding, sieving and squeezing in order to extract different kinds of oils, especially from sunflower and soya bean seeds. The students were also apprised of the different stages of manufacturing the plastic containers used to pack up the final product; starting from the techniques employed for designing the containers in a way that maintains the safety of the product and ensures a rise in its sales to the product’s packaging and firm closure processes. They were also informed of the different types of oil the factory produced.

The students were also apprised of how approval is obtained on the final product; the raw materials should undergo a validity test and conform with the specifications set by the labs in concern in terms of fat, protein, humidity and minerals percentages. In addition, the students gained knowledge about the product’s bacterial count, standard temperature and quality. A presentation, including illustrations, was made at the end of the visit about the factory infrastructure and the way problems are thoroughly and rapidly tackled in order to maintain the quality and promptness of the production process