The graduation projects of faculty of Engineering were discussed from Tuesday 25/06/2019 to Thursday 27/06/2019 for departments OF (Petrochemical, Architectural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering). Eight projects were selected to compete in the competition of “Towards Sustainable Tomorrow” that was organized by the faculty of Engineering in the coordination with Birla Carbon Company. The company presented three financial awards for the best three projects.

The projects were evaluated by Prof. Mohamed Naeem Anwar- the Vice Dean of the faculty, Prof. Boshra Salem – the Consultant of the President of the University for the International Relations and Projects, Prof. Mona Gamal Eldeen- the Dean of the school of Energy, Environment, Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering at the Egyptian Japanese University for Sciences and Technology and Prof. Waael Almaghlany- the Head of Mechanical Engineering department at Alexandria University.

Prof. Mohamed Gaber Abu Ali- the Dean of the faculty of Engineering exerted an outstanding effort of supervision, organization and coordination with the examination panel that expressed their admiration of the ideas of the projects from different departments.