A Seminar on ” Leonardo da Vinci”

on Tuesday 21/11/2017

Under the auspices of the Student Activities Department, the faculty of Arts and Design held a seminar on ” Leonardo da Vinci” on Tuesday 21/11/2017. The seminar was given by Dr. Waleed Matar, a Lecturer at the Painting Department. This was held under the supervision of Associate Prof. Nahla El- Deeb, the student activities leader. A documentary film that included some biographical information on Leonardo da Vinci was shown during the seminar. Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15th April 1452 in a ranch that is about 3 kilometers away from Vinci city in Italy, on the road between the villages Anchiano and Faltognano. He was a polymath who had interest in Painting, Engineering, Botany, Cartography, Geology, Music, Sculpture and Architecture. Leonardo da Vinci had many valuable paintings, the most famous of which are “Mona Lisa”, ” The Last Supper” and “Virgin of the Rocks”. He died in 2nd May 1519.