A Field Trip to Zahraa Al Mamoura Construction Site

Under the auspices of Prof. Ramadan Abdel Maqsoud, the Head of the Architectural Engineering Department, a field trip was organized to Zahraa Al Mamoura construction site on Monday 22/10/2018. This trip was organized for the first-year students. As representatives of the construction project team, Eng. Ahmed Keshk and Eng. Khadija Mohamed received the Architectural Engineering delegation which was comprised of Prof. Hisham El Shimy, a professor of Building Technology Course, along with a number of teaching assistants; Eng. Mohamed Sha’ban, Eng. Abdelrahman Ragheb, Eng. Nourhan Yousri and Eng. Heba Adel. During the visit, the students were apprised of the project construction work regarding laying foundations and building concrete structures.