A Field Trip to the Casualty Department at Andalusia Hospital

Under the auspices of Prof. Ramdan Abdel Maksoud, the Head of the Architectural Engineering Department, the sophomore students went in a field trip to the Casualty Department at Andalusia Hospital in Smouha. This was held on Tuesday 12/3/2019. The students were acquainted during the visit with the features of the architectural design of the casualty department especially that these features will be taken into consideration while establishing a new casualty department in the North Coast’s road. The aim of this trip was to achieve the learning outcomes through the application of the information acquired, thus boosting the students’ learning process. During the trip, the hospital staff provided the students with a detailed and comprehensive explanation about the department’s spaces; entrances, reception, waiting room, triage-dedicated area and minor/major cases treatment division and its equipment. The students were also acquainted with the movements of both medical staff and patients into/from the department, the radiographic rooms, labs and the medical supplies and equipment found in ambulances as well as its functional types