The Painting Department organized a field trip for the first-year department students to Kom El Deka district from 8:30 am to 1:30pm. This trip was an application to the “Painting (I)” and the “Artistic Design (I)” courses. This trip was supervised by Dr. Nermine Gomaa, a lecturer in the Painting Department. The aim of this trip was to make designs for the old houses and streets as well as the small details of windows and walls, among other things which we can recognize the greatness of the old architectural heritage within its different decorations and multi-styles that were used to beautify those buildings in the past.

Through these kinds of visits, students can make designs that could reflect the spirit of the place in an artistic framework, using dry drawing media to be then painted by oil paint colors in the faculty studios. Following that, the students spent time from 1:30 pm to 6:30pm with Dr. Ramez Tag, the tutor of the Artistic Design Course who introduced them to the place in terms of the important features of its folk buildings and the visual impact that distinguishes it. At the end, the students made a group of linear quick drawings to apply them again on specific surfaces with oil paint colors.