The faculty of Engineering organized a field trip to the Cairo Information and Communications Technology Exhibition (Cairo ICT) which was held on 1-4 December 2019. About 130 students from different departments went on this trip to be acquainted with the latest technologies in the realms of Information Technology, Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Software Safety Systems and the latest communications systems.

The exhibition also included many fairs and conferences, including the Smart Transportation International Fair and Forum for the Middle East and Africa “Trans MEA 2019” which addressed topics related to the development of the transport system and roads infrastructure by means of artificial intelligence. The ICT exhibition also witnessed the 2nd Learning Technology Fair and Forum for the Middle East and Africa (LEARN-TECH MEA) which outlined the educational developing methods relying on the latest technological solutions. This was in addition to convening the 6th Payment, FinTech and Digital Inclusion Fair and Forum for Middle East and Africa (PAFIX) which reviewed the IT banking solutions, with the participation of local and international banks.

The students were acquainted during the visit with the recent developments in the field of Computer Engineering like Fog Computing, Cloud Computing in the Internet of Things (IoT). This visit managed to encourage the students to develop their skills and never cease learning so as to cope with the latest technologies and be able to meet the requirements of the labour market.