A Delegation of the Faculty of Languages and Translation Participated in the Francophone Arts and Cultures Conference

A delegation of the French Language Department at the faculty of Languages and Translation- Pharos University represented in Prof. Nadeya Aref, Ms. Sandra Magdy and some junior and senior students attended the Francophone Arts and Cultures Conference organized by the BA Center of Francophone Activities (CAF) on 6-7 March 2019. The department students participated in the following activities of the conference:

  • Translating a poem from French to Arabic by junior and senior students.
  • Drawing and painting a portrait by two senior students.
  • Participating in a cultural competition in the conference by senior students.

The delegation also participated in the conference closing session which was held on Thursday, 7 March, 2019. It is worth mentioning that Prof. Nadeya Aref participated in the conference seminars which discussed many valuable and illuminating cultural topics, among which were “Rosetta Stone: from French to British Possession” and the French libraries that many Egyptians are unconversant with, like the Jesuit Cultural Center located in Port Said St. in Alexandria. The conference also tackled other issues related to literature, civilization, tourism and the medieval architecture of Alexandria with an overview of the most prominent historical structures in Alexandria.