The Faculty of Arts and Design announced the names of the winners in the competition of “Message Poster Designing and the Aims of the Internal Architecture Program” on Tuesday the 22nd of October, 2019. The winners’ names were:

  • The student. Shehab ElDeen Ahmed Abd ElRahman ElShinawy came in the first place.
  • The student. Reham Hamdy Kamel Abbass Shoshan came in the second place.
  • The students. Mariam Abd ELMoneaam Ibrahim Salem came in the third place.
  • The Student. Aliaa Samy Mostafa ElBassat came in the fourth place.


This was held in the presence of Prof. Hana Ahmed Yassen- the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Hanan Sobhy- the Head of Décor Department and the Administrator of the competition, Ass.Prof. Nahla Ahmed ElDeeb- the Vice Dean of the Students Affairs and Education and the Leader of the Student Activities and Ass.Teacher. Aya Fathy- an Assistant Teacher at Décor Department and the Administrator of the competition.