OPTH 322 – Oral pathology and forensic dentistry

Prof. Dr. Lawahez El Sayed
Prof. Dr. Amany Nour El Din
Prof. Dr. Zeinab Darwish
Lect Nermine El Bahey

Course lecturer :

Demonstrator: Sarron Samuel
Demonstrator: Madonna Ezat

Course assistant :

To recognize the nature and management of diseases affecting the oral and maxillofacial region • Identify the histopathology of oral lesions • To emphasize the role of oral pathologist that enables the oral surgeon to diagnose these diseases using clinical, radiographic , microscopic or biochemical examination •To be familiar with a range of abnormalities in the oral and maxillofacial region in order to provide the students with knowledge to diagnose different oral lesion

Course objectives :

After completing this course, students should be able to:
1. Recognize the various diagnostic features of different oral white lesions
2. Know why keratotic white lesions unrelated to trauma require immediate biopsy
3. Describe the clinical & histopathological appearance of premalignant lesions
4. Have the ability to inform patients about risk factors of oral cancer
5. Distinguish the differences between benign & malignant tumor regarding the duration, rate of growth & relation to adjacent tissues.
6. Given the histologic grade of malignancy, describe how this is determined microscopically & what the significance is in term of prognosis
7. Outline the spread of malignant tumors from, or to the oral cavity
8. Demonstrate the main alteration in salivary flow
9. Distinguish the differential diagnosis of the more common salivary gland tumors
10. Given x ray, clinical history & histopathological picture, to be able to recognize different bone lesions
11. Forensic dentistry, gives the student the ability to know about both dentistry & law & their relation 12. Perform correct management, examination, evaluation & presentation of dental evidence in criminal or civil proceedings in the interest of justice

Course description :

Assessment 1: Assignments and Practical illustration (weekly)  Assessment 2: Quiz (week 4)  Assessment 3: Mid-Term examination (week 8-9)  Assessment 4: Practical exams (CPC, glass slides, Drawing)(week 13)  Assessment 5: Final written examination (weeks 15-17)

Course assessment :

Oral& Maxillofacial Pathology ## Book Auther : Neville& Damm ## Exist In Library

Recommended text books :

Regezi JA, Sciubba JJ, Jordan RC. Oral pathology: clinical pathologic correlations. Elsevier Health Sciences; 2016 Feb 25.

Recommended refrences :