EN 402 – News Translation

Rania Refaat Bassiouny

Course lecturer :


Course assistant :

The main objectives of the course are: – To differentiate between different types of news. -To have good knowledge of the needed competences for news translation. -To learn the most effective translation strategies in the field of news. -To master the use of idiomatic English pertaining to the language of news. -To tackle a wide range of news texts, including weather news, sports news, fashion news, entertainment news, and economic news. -To appreciate the difference between different terminologies and chichés in news texts.

Course objectives :

This course is designed to familiarize students with different genres of news. In addition, it aims at enhancing students’ translation skills with respect to Arabic-English/English-Arabic news translation and further familiarizing them with the socio-cultural, linguistic and technical dimensions that characterize this type of translation. It will also equip students with the necessary basic skills to enter the professional market as well as the knowledge to pursue further research in this field as well as other related fields.

Course description :

midterm 20 marks course work 20 marks term end of term 60 marks

Course assessment :

Akbar,M.(2012). Media Translation. UK: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. Hicks, W. (1998). English for Journalists. UK: Routledge

Recommended text books :

Fox, W. (1993). Writing the News. Iowa University Press. Recommended references for authentic material:




Recommended refrences :