EN 401 – Semantics and Pragmatics

Dr. Wagdy Ghaly

Course lecturer :

Ms. Dina Taymour

Course assistant :

This course is an introduction to the study of how language is used to communicate meanings. The earlier part of the course will deal with semantics whereas the second part of the course will deal with pragmatics, that is, how language communicates meanings in context. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to define the technical terms required to describe meaning, be familiar with the concerns of the linguistics sub- disciplines of semantics and pragmatics, distinguish between semantics, pragmatics, semiotics and other sub-disciplines, identify lexical relations between words and sentences, and demonstrate the skill of independent critical thinking.

Course objectives :

The course incorporates two related linguistics sub disciplines of semantics and pragmatics. The field of semantics includes word and word meaning, sense denotation and sense relation of which fall within the major topic lexical semantics. The field of pragmatics includes concepts of context, conversational implicature, deixis, presupposition, information structuring and conversation analysis.

Course description :

20% Mid term Exam 20% Course Work 60% Final Exam

Course assessment :

Saeed,J.(1997).Semantics.Blackwell Yule,G.(1996).Pragmatcis.Oxford University Press

Recommended text books :

Yule, G. (2010). The study of language. Cambridge, UK

Recommended refrences :