Research Author
Phytochylomicron as a dual nanocarrier for liver cancer targeting of luteolin : in vitro appraisal and pharmacodynamics Yousra Shaban Rabee El-Nagar
Neuroprotective effect of berberine against environmental heavy metalsinduced neutrotoxicity and Alzheimer’s-like diease in rats Hend Mohamed Hussien
Design, Synthesis, Antibacterial Evaluation and Molecular docking studies of some new quinoxaline deivatives targeting dihyropteroate synthase enzyme Ebrahim Ashraf Ebrahim Mohamed Abd El-Eahaab
Bioactive Chylomicrons For Oral Lymphatic Targeting Of Berberine Chloride: Novel Flow – Blockage Assay In Tissue – Based And Caco – 2 cell Line Models Yousra Shaban Rabee El-Nagar
Are Multisource Levothyroxine Sodium Tablets Marketed In Egypt Interchangeable ? Bassant Abo Taleb
Inhalable Particulate Drug Delivery Systems For Lung Cancer Therapy : Nanoparticles, Microparicles, Nanocomposites and Nanoaggregates Dalia Mohamed Kabary
Nanostrucured Lipid Carriers For Intraocular Brimonidine Localisation : Development, In-Vitro and In-Vivo Evaluation Noha Soliman El-Salamony
Green Gas Chromatographic Stability-Indicating Method For The Determination Of Lacosamide In Tablets. Application To In-Vivo Human Urine Profiling Reem Saied Hagag
Chemometrics- Assisted Spectrophotometric Green Method For Correcting Interferences In Biowaiver Studies : Application To Assay And Dissolution Profiling Study Of Donepezil Hydrochloride Tablets Reem Saied Hagag
Corrosion Protection Of Steel By Electropolymerization Of O-Chloroaniline and O-Aminobenzoic Acid In The Presence Of Tween 80 Surfactant Osama Ali Abd El-Latif
Synthesis, Anti-Inflammatory Screening, Molecular Docking, And COX-1,2/-5-LOX Inhibition Profile Of Some Novel Quinoline Derivatives Ola Hassan Rizk Shehata
High-Performance Thin-Layer chromatographic Methods For The Determination Of Febuxostat And Febuxostat/Diclofenac Combination In Human Plasma Sameh El-Sayed Younis Amer
Potential Anticancer Agents : Design, Synthesis Of New Pyrido (1,2-a) Benzimidazoles And Related Derivatives Linked To Alkylating Fragments Rasha Youssef El-Bayaa
Hyaluronate/Lactoferrin Layer-By-Layer-Coated Lipid Nanocarriers For Targeted Co-delivery Of Rapamcin And Berberine To Lung Carcinoma Dalia Mohamed Kabary
Overview On Zein Protein: A Promising Pharmaceutical Excipient In Drug Delivery Systems And Tissue Enginering Gihan Salah Mojamed Labib
Oral Vitamin A-Coupled Valsartan Nanomedicine : High Hepatic Stellate Cell Receptors Accessibility And Prolonged enterohepatic Residence Nisreen Saeid Ebrahim El-Mzaien
Puriness And Triazolo (4,3-e) Purines Containing Pyrazole Moiety As Potential Anticancer And Antioxidant Agents Omima Gaber Shaban
Inhalable Multi-Compartmental Phospholipid Enveloped Lipid Core Nanocomposites For Localized Mtor Inhibitor/herbal Combined Therapy Of Lung Carcinoma Dalia Mohamed Kabary
Vitamin C And E chronic Supplementation Differentially Affect Hepatic Insulin Signaling In Rats Menna Allah Ahmed Ismail Ali
Gel In Core Carbosomes As Novel Ophthalmic Vechicles With Enhanced Corneal Permeation And Residence Mona Ashraf Mohamed Mohamed
Spectrophotometric Analysis Of Two Eye Preparations, Vial And Drops, Containing Ketorolac Tromethamine And Phenylephrine Hydrochloride Binary Mixture And Their Ternary Mixture Wuth Chlorphenirmaine Maleate Mohamed Mahmoud Hamdy
stability Studies Of Over The Counter Quaternary Mixture Containing Phenylephrine Hydrochloride, Chlorpheniramine Maleate, Paracetamol And Caffeine Using Different Chromatographic Methods Mohamed Mahmoud Hamdy
Enhanced Spectrofluorimetric determination Of Two Novel Combination Therapies For The Treatment Of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Containing Tamsulosin Hydrocloride Mona Mohamed Abd El-monem Ebrahim
Effect of batch age on potency and dissolution of levothyroxine sodium tablets: impact pf BP and USP monograph differences on dissolution results Bassant Abo Taleb
Structure -based design of some isonicotinic acid hydrazide analogues as potential antitubercular agents Ola Hassan Rizk Shehata
renalase gene polymorphisms (rs2576178 and rs10887800) in egyptian hypertensive end stage renal disease patients Inas Mohamed Masoud
A novel nasal almotrptan loaded solid lipid nanoparticles in mucoadhesive in situ gel formulation for brain targeting : preparation, characterization and in vivo evaluation Nansy Abd El-Hamid Abo Youssef
Bioadhesive chitosan-coated cationic nanopspmes with improved insulin encapsulation and prolonged oral hypoglcemic effect in diabetic mice Wessam Magdy El-Refaie
Rapid immunochromatographic test (RDT) versus elisa technique for diagnosing toxoplasmosis among individuals with mental disabilities Faika Ebrahim Mohamed Hassanen
Development and investigation of novel solid self nanoemulsifying system loaded with hydrochlorothiazide for the treatment of ypertension Saly Ahmed El-Zahaby
Zero-order release and bioavailability enhancement of poorly water soluble vinpocetine from self -nanoemulsifying osmotic pump tablet Saly Ahmed El-Zahaby
Formulation and in vivo assessment of terconazole-loaded polymeric mixed micelles enriched with cremophor EL as dual functionning mediator for augmenting physical stability and skin delivery Saly Ahmed El-Zahaby
Sensitive inexpensive chromatographic determination of an antimicrobial combination in human plasma and its pharmacokinetic application Mona Mohamed Abd El-monem Ebrahim
Synthesis of pyrazolo-1,2,4-triazolo (4,3 a ) quinoxalines as antimicrobial agents with potential inhibition of DHPS enzyme Rasha Youssef El-Bayaa
A novel voltammetry offline coupled MALDI/ TOF MS characterization of electrochemical reaction products and the voltammetric determination of febuxostat in human plasma Sameh El-Sayed Younis Amer
Design, synthesis and pharmacological evaluation of some substituted dihydropyrimidines with L-/T-type calcium Ola Hassan Rizk Shehata
Reviewing two decades of nano medicine implementations in targeted treatment and diagnosis of pancreatic cancer : An emphasis on state of art Yousra Shaban Rabee El-Nagar
DNA Fingerprinting, biological and chemical investigation of certain yucca species Samar Mohamed Bassam
Elaboration of polymersomes versus conventional liposmes for improving oral bioavailability of the anticancer flutamide Yousra Shaban Rabee El-Nagar
Effects of dietary control, exerciseand anti-obesity prescriptions on weight loss: An interview-based study Lamiaa Saeid Kandel
oral brain-targeted microemulsion for enhanced piperine delivery in alzheimer’s disease therapy: In vitro appraisal, in vitro activity and nanotoxicity Yousra Shaban Rabee El-Nagar
Design and synthesis of novel thioethers derived feom 1,5-Diphenl-6-thioxo-6,7-dihydro- 1H-pyrazolo(3,4-d) pyrimidin-4(5H)-ones as antiangiogenic agents Rasha Youssef El-Bayaa
Can miRNA 712-3p be a promising biomaker for early diagnosis of toxoplasmosis ? Inas Mohamed Masoud
simultaneous determination of methocarbamol and aspirin in presence of their pharmacopeial related substances in combined tablets using novel HPLC-DAD method Sameh El-Sayed Younis Amer
Improving hepatic mitochondrial biogenesis as a postulate mechanism for the antidiabetic effect of spirulina platensis in comparison with metformin Menna Allah Ahmed Ismail Ali
Insights on the use of nanocarriers for acne alleviation Sandra Sheref Abd El-Ghaffar
Research Author
Influence Of Aragonite Calcium Carbonate On Bone Around Implants Loaded With Mandibular Zirconia Hashem Mohamed Hassouna
Expression Of Extracellular Polysaccharides And Proteins By Clinical Isolates Of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa In Response To Environmental Conditions Waleed Ahmed Lotfy
Production of di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate by bacillus subtilis AD35 : Isolation, purification, characterization and biological activities Waleed Ahmed Lotfy
Relation between dermatolglyphics and early childhood caries in a group of egyptian children Moustafa Anwar Matar
In vitro comparative study of the amount of apically extruded debris during root canal preparation using one shape, two shape and revo-s niti rotary file systems Soliman Mohamed Kamha
Push out bond strength of root canal filling with epoxy resin-based, MTA- based endodontic sealers Soliman Mohamed Kamha
Anatomical study of the mesiobuccal root in maxiliary first molar with different methods in egyptian population Soliman Mohamed Kamha
Comparison of remineralization by fluoride vanishes with and without casein phosphopeptide amorphous calcium phosphate in primary teeth Nehal Raeed Abd El-Hamid
Influence of occlusal loading on the strain developed around implants with two different crest module designs Marwan Amgad Agag
Evaluation of translucency of two types of glass ceramics (in vitro study) Youssef Ahmed Yehia Ashour
Comparison of the effect of using two different types of bar overdentures on the supporting structure of mandibular edentulous ridge area Mohamed Zaki Basuiny
Effect of using cantilever bar on the supporting structures in implant supported mandibular overdentures Sheref Mohamed Abd El-Hamid
Research Author
Revitalisation of Downtown Khedive Cairo : A Contested Sovereignty Dalia Abd El-Aziz El-Sordy
Recycled High-Density Polyethylene Plastics Added With Lead Oxide Nanoparticles As Sustainable Radiation Shielding Materials Rehab Mansour Ebrahim Mohamed
Fabrication, Characterization and Gamma Rays Shielding Properties Of Nano and Micro Lead Oxide-Dispersed-High Density Polyethylene Composites Rehab Mansour Ebrahim Mohamed
Synthesis And Characterization Of Cobalt Nanoparticles Prepared By Arc Discharge Method Using An Ultrasonic Nebulizer Rehab Mansour Ebrahim Mohamed
New Method To Control Of Size And Yield Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized By Rotational Disk Electrode Arc Discharge Moustafa Mohamed Mohamed El-Sayed
Applying A Hazard Area Classificaion Study On A ( Liquefied Petroleum Gas/ Synthetic Natural Gas ) System In A Steel Factory To Highlight Major Hazard Fathy Ahmed Shokry
Multi Stage Desalination Assisted By Solar Energy Walaa Mahmooud Ali
Synthesiza of silver nanoparticles by arc discharge method using two different rotational electrode shapes Moustafa Mohamed Mohamed El-Sayed
Response surface methodology for optimization of photocatalytic degradation of aqueous ammonia Rania Farouk Abdo
Investigation of the kinetics and optimization of photocataltic degradation of methalene blue Rania Farouk Abdo
Power allocation scheme and performance analysis for multiuser underlay full-duplex cognitive radio networks with energy harvesting Mohamed Abd El-Karim Abo El-Hassan
An attempt to reduce visual pollution the building sector within egyptian cities Mona Mohamed Naguib
Identify and prioritize the major influencing causes of auotomated concrete mixing system for mega construction projects using analytic hierarchy process Ahmed Hamouda Abdeen
Change taxonomy : A fine-grained classification of software change Mohamed El-Kholy
The combined effects of multisized silver nanoparticles and pulsed magnetic field on k.pneumonia Alaa Mhmoud Khalil
cryptography and steganography Wessam Mohamed Abd El-Fattah Salama
Research Author
Underexpression of miR-486-5p but not Overexpression of miR-155 is Associated With Lung Cancer Stages Mohamed Ismail Badawi
Copper Nanoparticles Obtained By Arc Discharge Method : Synthesis, Characterization And Properties Amnna Saied Mohamed Ali
Relationship Between Metal Pollution And Gene Expression Of Insulin-Like Growh Factor II Mohamed Salah El-Din
Anemia In Patients With Maligant Neoplasms Maha Abo Bakr Feisal
Study Effect Of Vitamins D3 And B6 Supplementation On Treatment Response In Breast Cancer Using Antibody-Coated Magnetic Nanoparticles Immunoasssay For Circulating Endothelial Cells Hewida Hassan Fadel
Burkholderia cepacia complex among intensive care unit patients in two private hospitals in Alexandria Hadeer Mahmoud El-Kady
Screening for helicobacter pylori infection among asymptomatic university students in Alexandria, Egypt, using non invasive laboratory techniques Hadeer Mahmoud El-Kady
Full-energy peak effeciency of asymmetrical polyhedron germanium detector Abo Zaied Ahmed Thabet
Smudge cell percentage as a surrogate marker for zap-70 expression in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia Hadeel Saeid Tawfik
Effect of arc current on characteristics of carbon nanoparticles prepared by electrical double arc discharge technique under water surface: synthesis and characterization Amnna Saied Mohamed Ali
Progress towards schistosomiasis elimination: Application of sensitive diagnostic techniques Mervat Mostafa Osman
Efficacy of different alcohol-based hand disinfectants in reduction of hand contamination among food handlers in Alexandria, Egypt Hadeer Mahmoud El-Kady
some anionic surfactants as corrosion inhibitors for carbon steel in hydrochloric acid solution Rania Mohamed Assem Youssef
Maternal platelet-to-lympocyte ratio at delivery ca predict poor neonatal outcome in pretem births Maha Abo Bakr
Research Author
Effect of shoulder stability exercises on hand grip strength in patients with shoulder imingement syndrome Ashraf Ramadan Hafez
Comparison of the effects of short-duration wrist joint splinting combined with physical therapy alone on the management of patients with lateral epiconylitis Ashraf Ramadan Hafez
Research Author
Internal Corporate Branding Impact On Employees’ Brand Supporting Behaviour Sally Rao’f Ragheb Garas
The role of country branding in attracting foreign investment: country characteristics and country image Yara Magdy
Research Author
expounding the evolution of the proto-femme fatale and its correlation with the new woman a study of david mamet’s oleanna Silvia Elyas
Research Author
النزاع القضائى حول جزيرتي تيران وصنافير في ظل تطور تطوير أعمال السيادة Ahmed Samir Ahmed Nasser
مدة شغل منصب رئيس الدولة بين التأقيت والتحديد والتبادل Ahmed Samir Ahmed Nasser
الاجتهاد بين المفهوم والتصور والتطبيق في عصر الرسالة والصحابة والمعاصرة Mohamed Ahmed Shrhata Hussien
Research Author
أثر الاتجاهات البيئية الحديثة والنظم الذكية في خلق عمارة داخلية مستدامة Mohamed Osama Ismail
العملية التعليمية لتصميم الأثاث ما بين الخامة والاستدامة Mohamed Osama Ismail
المحاكاة البيئية في تصميم المنشأت خفيفة الوزن كأحد استراتيجات الإستدامة في العمارة Rana Hisham Mohamed Kamal El-Din