Students who are expected to graduate by the end of this semester, are required to regularize their status with regard to the completion of their training hours in the PUA Training Centre. Students of the following faculties should visit the Training Centre, located in the Humanities Building, 1st floor- room D134, at the times mentioned below:

Faculty Time
The Faculty of Engineering 25,26 and 27 November
The Faculty of Legal Studies And International Relations 28 and 29 November
The Faculty of Mass Communication 2,3 and 4 December
The Faculty of Financial And Administrative Sciences 5 and 6 December
The Faculty of Arts And Design 9,10 and 11 December

Under the by-laws of PUA faculties, students MUST complete their training hours in the PUA Training Centre before graduation.

A Delegation of the MTI Plastic Technology Centre Paid a Visit to Pharos University

A Delegation of the MTI Plastic Technology Centre Paid a Visit to Pharos University
Prof. Mohamed Fahim, the Head of the Petrochemical Engineering Department, along with some academic staff members received a delegation of the Plastic Technology Centre which is affiliated with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) on Tuesday 14/11/2018. The delegation was comprised of Eng. Nagwa El Maanawy, the Head of the Plastic Technology Center and the Chemist. Riham Mohameden, the Head of the Technical Support Department at the Plastic Technology Center. During the visit, the two parties sought means of cooperation in many aspects; lending a helping hand to the department’s students who are working on research projects on polymers manufacturing processes and providing them field training opportunities in the factory of the Plastic Technology Center. By the end of the visit, the delegation was escorted by Prof. Ehsan Nassef, the Director of the PUA Training Centre in a tour to the department’s labs and the PUA Training Centre.

      • PUA Honoured the Chairman of El Safa Press

Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala, the Vice President of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs met with Eng. Sherief Elbialy, the Chairman of El Safa Press for Printing and Packaging on Sunday 12/11/2017. This meeting was held to thank Eng. Sherief Elbialy for opening up opportunities of summer training for the students of the faculty of Arts and Design in the company. This came as a result of the cooperation protocol that was previously signed between Pharos University and El Safa Press. The meeting was attended by Prof. Hana Yasin, the Dean of the faculty of Art and Design; Dr. Shaimaa Khodeer, a Lecturer at the Graphics Department and the Director of the Field Training Unit at the faculty of Arts and Design and Eng. Mohamed Hakim, the Pre-press Department Manager at El Safa Press and a supervisor of PUA students during their summer training in 2017.


The meeting yielded into the following fruitful results:

      • Providing training in printing and packaging for the teaching assistants of the Graphics Department in Germany.
      • Arranging a visit for the German Ambassador, the German Cultural Attaché and the German Aid Agency Delegate to Pharos University to seek means of academic and scientific cooperation between Pharos Universities and other German universities.
      • Cooperation agreement between Pharos University and Alexandria Electrical Company

An agreement was signed between Pharos University and the Alexandria Electrical Company on Tuesday 20th June 2017. The purpose of this is to provide training for students from the Faculty of Engineering. The protocol was signed by Professor Ramadan Abu ElElaa – Vice President forSocial Services & Environmental Development and Engineer HamdyMahrousOkasha – the president of the board of directors of Alexandria Electrical Company. The event was attended by Professor EhsanNassef, the executive director of the of the Center for Field Training, Mr. KhaledAmeen and Mr. Ahmed Serdini.

      • A visit to the Petrochemical Company

Professor Ramadan Abu Elelaa – Vice President of Pharos University – visited Mr. Gaber Ahmed Hassan the president of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Petrochemical Company on the morning of Thursday 20 April 2017 at the company premises. A protocol of cooperation was signed between the Egyptian Petrochemical Company and Pharos University for cooperation in training and exchange of academic and research experience. The meeting was attended by Professor Ehsan Nasef – Executive Director and Ms Nadaa Mohamed Alaa Training Supervisor. Also attending from the company were Mr. Khaled Alsharkawy Administrative Director and Ms Hoda Alsaady the Director of Training.

      • Environmental Forum in Alexandria

Pharos University participated in the closing ceremony of the environmental forum organized annually by the Environmental Affairs Department in Alexandria entitled (Towards a Safe Environment and Sustainable Health). All the research projects incorporated in the event were announced in the Gathering representing different research Institutes, Universities and Industrial Companies. The research project presented by Pharos University won first place prize which dealt with the pollution problem in the Gulf of Abu Qir. The research project was under the supervision of Prof. Ramadan Abou El-ALA and Dr. Reham Nzaa achieved by both students Mahmoud Al-Ajmi and Ahmed Abdel Ghani. The Faculty of Languages and Translation participated with a project under the title (Alenbash) prepared by the Student Rana Salem under the supervision of Mrs. Rania Bassiouney, leader of the faculty student activity. The attendance has expressed a great interest in this research and decided to hold a meeting between General / Mohamed El-Banndari-, secretary general of the province and the ones who did the project in order to take the necessary procedures towards achieving it in some areas in Alexandria.
Mohammed El-Bandari, Secretary-General of the Governor, handed over the honorary shields to Dr. Ramadan Abou El-ALA, Vice-president of Community Service and Environment Development Affairs and Dr. Reham Nazaa, assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering. Click here

      • Partnership between Pharos University and AlAhram Organization

The Center for Field Training at Pharos University signed a cooperation protocol with the AlAhram Regional Institute. This took place on Tuesday 21 March 2017. This will serve to provide training opportunities for Media students. The protocol was signed by Professor Ramadan AbuElaa – the Vice President and representative of Pharos University and Mr. Sameh Abd Allah who represented the AlAhram Organization also representing Mr. Ahmed ElSayed Elnaggar – Chair of the Board of Directors. The event was attended by Professor Fawzy Abd El Ghan- Dean of the Faculty of Mass Communication, Ms Sohaila Bazmy, Mr. Mahmoud Abd El Maxoud – Vice Editior of AlAhram Organization, Dr. Ehsan Nassef – the Center Director, and Dr. Hany Fawzy – Director of the Training Center.

      • Pharos University announces that the University is not responsible for any direct connection between the students and the AIESEC organization. Also the University is not responsible for any student travels without the University permission and the parent approval.
      • Cooperative Agreement between the Field Training Center and Creative Company for Design & Printing

A protocol of understanding and cooperation was signed between the Creative Company for Design & Printing and Pharos University. This took place on Wednesday 8 March 2017 in the presence of Professor Ramadan Abuelaa – University Vice President, Professor Ehsan Nassef – the Executive Director of the center, Engineer Sherif Mohamed Abdel Kareem – Director of Creative, and Mr Marawan Yassin the Company Human Resource Director.

      • Student exchange protocol between Pharos university and the AIESEC organization .

Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala,Vice President of Community Service & Environment Development Affairs


held a meeting on Thursday 16/26/2017 at 11:00 with the heads of

The Egyptian Association for international students’ exchange in the presence of Mrs Rania Bassiouney, the program coordinator at the Faculty of Languages and Translation. The two partners agreed on the principles and terms of the protocol which will be signed with the University soon.

      • The first meeting for the supervisors of field training.

Based on the training plan and agenda for 2016/2017, the first meeting took place on Sunday 12 February, 2017 in Room E124. It was attended by Heads of the training units and the internal supervisors. Eng. Mohamed AlKhateeb who is responsible for managing technical and electronic information discussed a program that deals with registration and uploading information, this is a new program that is linked to human resources.

      • A Protocol on Cooperation between the Field Training Centre & WDEPC

In the light of the instructions given by Mr. Mohamed Ragab, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Pharos University to launch the Field Training Program for Pharos students, a meeting was convened on Monday, 23th of January, 2017 between Prof. Ramadan Abu El-Ala, the Vice President of Community Service & Environment Development Affairs and Dr. Ehsan Nassef, the Executive Director of Pharos Field Training Centre on one side and Eng. Ali Mostafa Ahmed, the Head of the Training Department and Eng. Karim Youssef, the Marketing & Public Relations Manager in West Delta Electricity Production Company on the other side.

During the meeting, it has been agreed upon the terms of the protocol between Pharos University and West Delta Electricity Production Company. The students of the faculty of Engineering at Pharos University are going to be distributed across various power plants in Sidi Kerir, Abou- Qir, Damanhour and Kafr Al-Dawwar. Moreover, the students of the faculty of Legal Studies and International Relations are going to be provided with the required field training in other specialized departments. The contract signing is going to be on the beginning of February.

      • On Thursday 19th January, the UniversityVice President Professor Ramadan Abo El-Ella met with Engineer Mohamed Abady who is the Chairman of the Egyptian Styrene & Polystyrene Production Company. The meeting included Professor EhsanNasef who is the Executive Director of field training at Pharos University. A protocol of understanding between the university and the company was signed to provide field training for students from the Faculties of Engineering, Science, and Financial & Administrative Sciences. The training will be in the areas of academic research and workshops.
      • On track with Mr Mohamed Ragab’s, the Director of the Board of Trustees, recommendations regarding organizing the initial steps to initiate the on-hands training program for students at Pharos University. Professor Ramadan AbuElaa, Vice President for Social Services, and Dr. EhsanNassef, Executive Director for Practical Training, met on Thursday 17 November 2016 with:


      • Mr. Mohamed Hamed–Executive Director for Research & Development El Amriya medical Company.
      • Mr. Mohamed RabeeElSayed – Responsible for Human Resources at Beity Company
      • Mr. Mohamed Abbas –Responsible for Human Resources at Petrojet


An initial protocol was set up for cooperation between Pharos University and the above mentioned companies in the area of on-hands training for the university students. It should be noted that Beity Company will provide housing for the students during the period of training. This will make the training more effective since the students will be involved full time and totally involved in the process. This is also a potential for student full time employment in the future, also Prof. Dr. Ramadan Abu Elella and Dr Ehssan Nassef visited Beyti company on Thursday 24/11/2016 .

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