Community Service And Environmental Development




The sector or the Council for Community Service and Environmental Development activates the role of the University in solving the problems of the Alexandrian community and contributing to the economic and social development at the national level, in addition to:


  1. Providing technical consultancy to the entities and individuals.
  2. Designing projects and programs, and supervising their implementation in the various sectors of society.
  3. Applying field researches.
  4. Developing the skills and performance of individuals and specialists.
  5. Participation in increasing awareness and the dissemination of culture among the community members.
  6. Studying and proposing public policy for entities of special nature  
  7. Studying and proposing public policy for the preparation and implementation of training programs
  8. Studying and proposing public policy for the organization of scientific conferences and symposiums
    1. Training courses and Workshops.
    2. Research and community projects.
    3. Various social activities.


Pharos University seeks excellence in the field of high education, post graduate studies and scientific research at the local, regional and international levels. Thus, contributing to community service and achieving development at the local and regional levels.