Dean Welcome

Dear students,I would like to welcome you to the faculty of Physical Therapy at Pharos University; an academic structure that aspires to raise the students’ academic standards and develop their professional and practical skills. The faculty of Physical Therapy provides its students with an ideal academic setting both in and out the classroom. Graduates of the faculty of Physical Therapy gain a high level of educational and professional proficiency while being undergraduates that could qualify them for distinguished job opportunities and enable them to meet the needs of the labour market. The faculty of Physical Therapy seeks to maintain constant contact with the decision makers in Egypt in order to develop the curricula and clinical researches in a way that entitles the faculty not only to provide its students with exceptional educational standards among other universities in Egypt and across the region but to go along with the international academic standards as well.


All the best for your future endeavours

Prof. Awny Fouad Rahmy