Code Title
UGE 00 English Language (0)
UCS 01 Communication Skills (1)
UEC 02 Computer Skills and Programming Concepts (2)
UEC 01 Computer Skills and Programming Concepts (1)
UGA 03 Arabic Language Skills
LP02 Constitutional Law
LI01 Public International Law
LR01 Criminology & Penology
LH01 History and philosophy of Law
Code Title
LA01 Citizenship and Foreigners’ Status
LP03 Administrative Law
LV 03 General Theory of Obligations
LX 09 Legal skills (1)
GEN 6 History of Islamic Civilization 1
FRL 2 French Legal Terminology 2
UGE 02 English Language (2)
UGE 01 English Language (1)
LR03 Criminal Law III
LR07 International Criminal Law
Code Title
UGE 04 English Language (4)
EC 3 International Economic Relations
LP04 Administrative Jurisdiction
LC02 Company Law
IS 3 Intendance and Testament Law
GEN 8 History of Islamic Civilization
FRL 3 French Legal Terminology 3
LS 03 Inheritance ,Testament , & Endowment Law
LV 06 Labor and social security law
LO 03 Arbitration Law
UGE 03 English Language (3)
Code Title
LE04 Public Finance
LX 04 International Trade Organization Agreements
LV 08 Real and Personal Collaterals
Code Title
LV 04 Non-Moslem Family Law
LE05 Tax Legislation
LC04 Banking Operations Bankruptcy& Commercial Papers
LS 05 Contemporary Islamic Issues
FRL 5 French Legal Terminology 5
CVL 8 Real and Personal Collaterals
LI03 Humanitarian International Law
LO 02 Procedural Law II
LR06 Criminal Procedural Law(2)
UGE 05 English Language (5)
LC03 Maritime and Aviation Law