June 2011 was the first graduation of students from the Faculty of Engineering – Pharos University. Since establishing the Faculty in 2006, the university administration and faculty were keen on providing an outstanding learning environment with distinct and developed methods of teaching and learning. The Faculty grants Bachelor Degrees in eight disciplines of Engineering, so as to meet the requirements of the labor market. The Faculty of Engineering also seeks to establish post graduate studies in various disciplines, Diploma and Masters Programs, in addition to specialized professional diplomas.

The faculty embraces a group of extinguished faculty members, assistants and technicians that work hard with dedication to provide excellent education and field training opportunities that provide practical skills and implements diverse student activities. The laboratories and workshops of the faculty also contain advanced tools and equipment.
The educational and scientific partnership agreement with the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden KTH marks the efforts of the faculty in the field of international cooperation in order to apply high academic standards concerning the syllabus and follow up. The graduates of the faculty receive a statement from KTH testifying that the quality standards of education at the Faculty of Engineering Pharos University is identical to its counterpart in the Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Sweden, in addition to the certificate presented by Pharos University in Alexandria.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our students on joining the Faculty of Engineering at Pharos University, to wish them success and invite them to increase their skills and assets in order to be well equipped for the challenges of the labor market. I also encourage them to participate in the various students activities, so as to enjoy their study years in the Faculty of Engineering.


My best wishes,
Prof. Mohamed G. Abouali
Dean of the Faculty