English Language Centre (ELC)

Pharos University in Alexandria launched the English Language Centre to provide PUA students and public with English courses to help improve their language proficiency level. The courses and academic plans set are designed to help students attain a degree of linguistic mastery, especially where writing and speaking are concerned.

Arabic Language Center (ALC)

The Arabic Language Center at Pharos University strives to become an educational edifice, where both Egyptian ,non-Egyptian students from Phraos University and the public community acquire and learn the Arabic language and culture, in the interest of preserving and promoting the Arabic language.

Communication Skills Center (CSC)

The communication skills center (CSC) at Pharos University in Alexandria, established fall 2017, is devoted to provide PUA students with courses required to increase their ability to create a good environment for effective participation in work and life. Successful communication is one of the most influential skills for achieving objectives and developing trust and positive impact

Career Development and Entrepreneurship Center (CDEC)

The career development and entrepreneurship center at Pharos University in Alexandria is committed to provide a solid foundation of career development principles, professional career guidance and employment services to students, alumni and employers through a centralized, comprehensive program.


In view of the continuous cooperation between Pharos University in Alexandria and the Chinese institutions and universities, a cooperation agreement was signed between Pharos University and Confucius Institute – Cairo University to establish the first Confucius unit to teach the Chinese language in Alexandria at Pharos University  for PUA students and public community

Community Service and Environmental Development

The sector or the Council for Community Service and Environmental Development activates the role of the University in solving the problems of the Alexandrian community and contributing to the economic and social development at the national level