Chemicals And Glassware Store

The chemicals store at PUA is one of the recent buildings that the university’s administration saw to its establishment, on technical and scientific basis, with the highest safety rates. Taken into consideration are the precautions necessary for handling chemicals inside the store and moving them to the labs of the scientific faculties (Pharmacy and Drug Manufacturing – Department of Petrochemical Engineering – Dentistry – Allied Medical Sciences – Physical Therapy – Arts and Design).


Chemicals and glassware store at PUA is peculiar in the following:


  • Supplied with an accurate and automatic fire extinguish system, and provided with a light and sound system to deal immediately with fire. In addition, all means of lighting and electricity connections are flame and explosion proof.
  • Designed and constructed in a way that allows air inside it to be vented and renewed in a natural way. Moreover, natural lighting is uniformly distributed inside the store, in addition to the expulsion of any gases that might accumulate.
  • The store is unique in its quick control means to avoid the dangers of any probable spill of chemicals on any person inside the store. It is provided with a washing area, where the injured person’s body is totally submerged and cleaned, in addition to a special eye-shower in case of being exposed to any harmful substance.
  • The chemicals inside the store are never accumulated. There is an internal arrangement system that prevents intermixing of substances that might interact together. The stock undergoes precise control in a way by which it decreases at the end of the academic year and increases at the beginning of it when the chemicals and glassware are distributed to the labs of various PUA faculties.
  • Inside the store there is a highly efficient cooling compartment to accommodate volatile and flammable liquids that are subject to a daily control and monitoring system.